Romance and Relaxation: That’s What Hot Tubs Are Made For!

Romance and Relaxation: That’s What Hot Tubs Are Made For!

While some people use it to unwind after a tough day at work, the hot tub is also a romantic location that you can easily share with a loved one. Choose a great, secluded location and it offers everything you need to kindle a little affection and to transport you to a different world altogether.

Many customers across the UK who buy Catalina and Clearwater Spas from us are couples who want an area in their garden where they can share time with each other. There’s nothing like a romantic evening surrounding by warm, soothing water.

Hot tubs are especially popular with those with a couple of kids in tow. It can be difficult to find time to be alone and a hot tub provides the perfect excuse to put the kids to bed and jump in the water.

Here are some of our top tips for making your hot tub romantic evening even better:

  1. Turn Off Those Phones

While you may not be able to put up a ‘do not disturb sign’, you can decide to turn off your mobile phones and keep them out of reach. Even with waterproof phones nowadays, you don’t want to risk dropping them in the hot tub. It’s far better to leave them inside and slip into the tub for bit of me and you time, alone together.

  1. Banish the Kids

A hot tub in the home is great but if you’ve got kids running around all over the place, chances are they’re going to hog the water all to themselves. Most parents want at least some quiet together time and, if it’s a balmy evening, that hot tub is will certainly be the best place to relax.

Better still, if you want to be completely uninterrupted, farming the kids off to grans and granddads is the next best thing.

  1. Put Some Relaxing Music On

You may want to listen to the early evening twitter of the birds before it gets fully dark or you might like some relaxing music to get you in the hot tub mood. While you may need to keep it low so you don’t disturb the neighbours, a little easy listening is great with a glass of bubbly or two. And Bluetooth systems are so mobile nowadays you can set them up anywhere.

  1. Turn the Water Jets On

There’s nothing more relaxing in a hot tub that the gentle pressure of the jets and the warmth that comes from the circulating water. It makes your tub the perfect place to kick back together and just let the aches and pains wash away. You don’t have to mention the kids, what happened at work or the pressures of everyday life, you can simply get in the mood and forget the rest of the world exists.

Finding some time to get away and be together is increasingly difficult in the hectic world we live in today. If you want a space that you can call your own and where you can rekindle all that romance, a hot tub is certainly a brilliant idea.