Which AquaJack Spa Vacuum is best for you?

With autumn upon us, unfortunately that also means extra leaves and debris too, but with the glowing sunsets to sit back and enjoy, what better time to be using your Hot Tub or SwimSpa? Our AquaJack Spa Vacuum range is the ideal option for quick, hassle-free cleaning, giving you valuable extra time in your Hot Tub or SwimSpa.

With so many Spa Vacuums now available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one to purchase. Not only are the AquaJack Spa Vacuums lightweight, easy to set up and simple to use with patented technology, they also offer a range to suit all requirements and budgets. Choose from manual, battery or rechargeable spa vacuums, which are also suitable for cleaning swimming pools, water features and ponds too.

Check out our handy comparison chart will help you decide which spa vacuum is best for you:-

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