Catalina Amazon 16 Aquadynamic

Catalina Amazon 16 Aquadynamic

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The Amazon Aquadynamic has 4 high flow pumps and gives real performance. To distribute this extra power we add an extra River Jet. this configuration offers powerful swimming and aqua aerobic workout including jogging. The Amazon is supplied with exercise/ rowing kit as standard.


    Dimensions 4880 x 2280 x 1580mm
    Seats 1
    Pumps 4
    Heater 3kW
    Hydrotherapy Jets 23
    Swim Jets 3 River Flow
    Power Required 48 Amp
    Filtration 100sq ft
    Water Capacity 8,000 Litres
    Dry Weight 1,350kg



    • 8 x LED Crystal Fountains
    • LED Underwater Light
    • LED Controls
    • Exercise Kit
    • Tiled Swim Lane
    • 2 Piece Insulation Cover