Catalina Relay 18 Dual Temperature

Catalina Relay 18 Dual Temperature

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The Relay 18 Dual Temperature gives you the best of both worlds, allowing a cooler temperature for swimming, and a hotter temperature for relaxing in. It's easy to see why the Relay is our most popular dual temp!


    Dimensions 5440 x 2280 x 1370mm
    Seats 5
    Pumps 5 (2 x 2.5hp 2-speed, 3 x 3hp booster pump)
    Heater 2 x 3kW
    Hydrotherapy Jets 42
    Swim Jets 3 River Flow
    Power Required 70 Amps, 230V Hard Wired
    Filtration 2 x 100sq ft
    Water Capacity 8,800 Litres
    Dry Weight 1,600kg



    • 10 x LED Crystal Fountains
    • LED Underwater Light
    • LED Controls
    • Exercise Kit
    • Tiled Swim Lane
    • 3 Piece Insulation Cover