InAir Purifier IA-450UV
InAir Purifier IA-450UV
InAir Purifier IA-450UV

InAir Purifier IA-450UV

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Virus Killer Air Purifier - provides filtered, clean air for living and working spaces.

The IA-450UV Air Purifier uses an 8-stage air cleaning system, featuring; a washable Pre-filter, AOC (Advanced Odour Control) Carbon Filter, HEPA filter (PM2.5), Photocatalyst filter, UV-C 254nm, negative ionization and Humidifier

VOC Smart Sensor, air quality visual indicator, light sensor, auto & sleep mode, remote control and ionisation.

The IA-450-UV is recommended for;

  • Reduces Allergies and Asthma
  • Purify and sanitise
  • Cools in summer
  • Captures dust and pollen
  • Kills Bacteria and Viruses
  • Removes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)*
  • Reduces mould growth
  • Removes odour, dust and smoke
  • Removes pet dander
  • 2-year warranty

Design Features

  • Soft Touch controls
  • Hand held remote control
  • 99.97% allergen removal rate
  • CADR 450 m³/h (235 cfm)
  • Automatic air monitoring
  • Smart sensor will automatically change fan speed
  • Visual coloured warnings indicating air quality
  • Humidifies with internal water tank
  • Summer cooling
  • Auto shut- off
  • Sleep mode
  • Child Lock
  • Removable front panel for easy clean
  • Filter change indicator

Best suited for medium to large living spaces, offices, waiting rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms.

AHAM & CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Certified.